Miscellany 14

Just a collection of assorted things.

First, I’ve heard beautiful women described as “hot,” and I’ve heard of “hot sex,” but even given that, I’m surprised to find out that someone caught fire while watching porn.

Staying with the subject of sex for a moment, this is a wonderful practical joke.

Now for a couple of recipes. Before he joined Pajamas Media, Stephen Green used to do something he called the Friday Recipe. He’s just posted the first one in a while, and it’s a good one.

He doesn’t include a dessert, though. If you’ve a sweet tooth, this may fit the bill.

Looking for somewhere to live, and not enamored with anything on the market in your area? Try looking in Italy.

How do you know when someone’s trying to guide your thoughts? Here’s some good information.

Government surplus items available here.

And, finally, regular expressions are often incredibly useful. Unfortunately, they are also sometimes incredibly hard to generate correctly. This site can help.

2 Responses to “Miscellany 14”

  1. Tim of Angle says:

    Your link for the dessert leads to a WordPress installation screen. I agree that WordPress is pretty sweet, but I think there may be a problem here.

  2. wheels says:

    You’re right. It didn’t, yesterday. Even going to the main page of the blog produces the install screen. I guess there’s nothing to do at the moment but leave the link as-is and hope it comes back soon. In case it doesn’t come back, it was a recipe for butterbeer cupcakes.

    The post I linked dates back to 2010, so other sites have picked up the recipe and reposted it, such as here.

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