New linkage

I’ve added some new music links to the blogroll.

First, there’s The Walrus Speaks, a music blog with video and audio. The author is a left-wing Hindu, but he’s got pretty good taste in music, as far as I’ve seen so far. I can’t get the audio-only player working in Safari, but have no trouble with Firefox.

Next is Senses Working Overtime. This one has music reviews and links to other music sites, including the Why Fidelity podcasts.

For ukulele fans, we have this site, home of the Big Muffin Serious Band and the Serious Ukulele Ensemble. Lots of lyrics and chords, some tablature. More at Ukulele Beatles Fun!.

Finally, in honor of the recent St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve added Ceolas and the Irish Song Lyrics site.

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