Happy New Year

After returning from New York, I saw a doctor for my cold, expecting to be prescribed antibiotics. The doctor wasn’t certain if I actually had a cold or if I was suffering bad allergies. As a result, I’m on both antibiotics and steroids. Because of the administration instructions, I started the antibiotics a day earlier than the steroids, and was feeling better before I started the steroids, making me think that allergies are not the correct diagnosis.

Be that as it may, it appears that it will be a while before I’m healthy again. However, it’s New Year’s Day, and that needs to be celebrated. My parents had several traditions for New Year’s that were a mix; Mom was from England, and wanted the house to be clean before midnight on New Year’s Eve. At midnight, the front door had to be opened for a minute to let the old year out and the new year in, and it was hoped that the first visitor of the new year would bring a coin and bread.

Dad was originally from Philadelphia, but the only tradition of his was eating black-eyed peas, which he picked up while he was in the Air Force.

Me, I don’t do much of anything special. Marion and I like to go dancing, and had plans for last night that were disrupted by my illness. Instead, we watched That’s Entertainment, Part II on TCM, then turned to NBC to watch the time-delayed ball drop, then went to bed. I didn’t sleep well, unfortunately.

I’ll finish this post with someone else’s view of New Year’s, found here:


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