Lyrical Links

Just to keep them handy, I’m going to put up a bunch of links for lyrics and chords, mostly (but not all) for uke.

Ukulele Boogaloo has almost 300 songs with chords and ukelele chord diagrams. Unfortunately, not all of the songs have complete chord diagrams.

Dominator’s tabs are very well done, but tend to be for more accomplished players.

Akulele has a few nice fingerpicking tabs for uke. I intend to learn Tico-tico sometime, but I came up with my own version of Carol of the Bells. Akulele’s is a bit more sophisticated, I think.

The 4th Peg has some PDFs of some of my favorite songs. I recently gave away my printout of A Summer Song, and had to go here to replace it.

Sing-along Folk, Rock, and Guitar Songs isn’t ukulele-specific, but it’s got lyrics and chords for a lot of good songs.

Neither is Betty Lou’s site specific to ukuleles, but she also has chords and lyrics for a lot of songs. I’ve noticed a few errors in the lyrics for some of the songs I’ve grabbed from there, but it’s still a valuable resource.

Jim Bottorff’s Banjo Page has lyrics and chords for a lot of (mostly) traditional songs, along with midi files if you don’t know the tunes.

Dr. Uke has mostly older songs on his site.

Nalu Music has tablature for a few pieces of classical music.

There are about half-a-dozen songs available at Australele. They have a unique presentation of the chords in the files.

The Ukulele Vault isn’t strictly a lyrics&chords site, but it has periodic presentations of such.

There are 100 songs available at Tropical Storm Hawaii. I don’t recognize most of them, probably because I’m too old (or have taste … take your choice).

Finally, Richard Gillman has a valuable set of links to ukulele sites.

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