We’re starting to see beautiful spring-like weather …

… but there are still some setbacks along the way. We had the snowstorm back at the end of April, then yesterday was a pretty significant hailstorm. There were reports of baseball-sized hail in a few areas, but where I was, this was about the largest (note the quarter for scale).

There was so much hail that it was piling up inches deep in some places, but it wasn’t that deep in most areas. It did cover the ground almost completely by the time the storm ended, though.

My windshield was cracked, and a taillight was broken. The amusing thing was that my roof apparently flexed enough that the dome light cover popped off and the bulb fell out. That, at least, was easily fixed.

My boss, who was parked next to me, also received a cracked windshield, as well as two broken side mirrors – on one side, just the housing was broken, but the mirror was broken on the other side.

The women in the office next to ours had windshields that were much more damaged – one had to call her husband to get home, because there were so many cracks in her windshield that she couldn’t see out it. Across the parking lot, two women had their rear windows completely shattered.

The weather report called for the possibility of more storms this afternoon, but that didn’t happen. A couple of years ago, I lost a hops bine to a snowstorm followed by a hailstorm. I’m not growing hops yet this year, but my oregano and sage seem to have come through the storm well enough. I’m going to have to cut back the oregano, anyway, because it’s trying to take over the garden. Can’t have that – I need room for other things, too.

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