Job search strangeness

I’ve complained before about the repetition and less-than-appropriate targeting of the job-search-related emails I’m receiving. After a month of it, I can say that it’s worse than I thought back then. Not only do I receive the same (or very similar) job listings several times a day from each source, and not only do I receive the same (or very similar) job listings from multiple sources, but even the ones that don’t necessarily sound similar in the emails often turn out to be the same jobs once I look at the detailed listings.

I hope that I haven’t applied to the same job multiple times through multiple sources, but it’s possible that I have. I’ve started a spreadsheet to keep track of which jobs I’ve applied to, and which I’ve looked at and decided not to apply to (and why) to help me filter the job links I get.

Some of the messages I receive don’t actually contain links to jobs. Instead, they tell me, “click here to see the jobs we’ve found that match your description.” Unfortunately for me, there haven’t been any jobs that show up once I click the link. Unfortunately for them, I’ve stopped clicking the links in these emails. Unfortunately for me, unsubscribing from them hasn’t done anything yet. Clicking the “unsubscribe” link produced an “it may take up to ten days” notice and no cessation of messages from those sources. I’m to the point of suspecting that unsubscribing actually does nothing, and they’re hoping that the “ten days” is long enough that I’ll have forgotten which sources I’ve unsubscribed from.

Ah, well. It is what it is.

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