My Jack O’Lantern This Year

It’s inspired by the Junji Ito story, The Enigma of Amigara Fault. It’s the first one I’ve done that projects an image from the rear in addition to the front-facing image. I read the story a couple of years ago, and it struck me as an appropriate subject for this type of jack o’lantern.

A candle is insufficient to get the proper display, because it doesn’t produce enough light. In order to get it lit properly, I have a bare white LED that’s providing the light for the front cutout, and I have an LED flashlight to show the back image. There are multiple LEDs in the flashlight, which produces a multiple overlapping images. I’ve used electrician’s tape to cover most the flashlight lens to minimize that.

I’ve done a number of other fancy jack o’lanterns in prior years, although not for the past few. I’ll have to see if I have photos available to upload.

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