I was wandering around the internet this evening, and ran across this post at The Other McCain.

I had worked up a reasonably-sized post with various music-related reminiscences that were brought up by the post, including links to various YouTube videos and more. Unfortunately, trying to include a link to Rick Beato’s “What Makes This Song Great?” playlist caused the WordPress editor (which I hate) to chew up the post, taking everything within and following the link, and making each word into a separately-quoted part of the link, after removing capitalization and punctuation. Having almost my entire post disappear into an href tag is incredibly frustrating, because for one thing, the editor doesn’t give me a simple way to highlight text and add a link (or, if it does, I haven’t been able to find it yet), and for another, when I hand-enter the html tags for links, I don’t expect the editor to decide it doesn’t like them, and to rewrite them and suck almost the entirety of the damned post into the tag! It’s been several years since I was hand-coding a lot of html, but just making a hyperlink is pretty damned straightforward!

It’s like WordPress only wants me to write things down as though they were diary entries, and doesn’t want my to link to anything. Given that this blog has always been more of a “here’s something shiny that caught my attention” than “here are my deep (or not-so-deep) thoughts about /some subject/,” that is a major drawback of the new editor that WordPress has forced on me sometime in the past year or so.

I know other people have expressed disgust with the WordPress editor; I’ll have to see what solutions they’ve come up with.

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