Father’s Day Fun

I saw this advertisement in the paper the other day:

Iron Dad newspaper advertisement

More information (but not much) here. Despite what the ad says, a web search shows that it’s a nationwide thing – I presume that the “Benihana Broomfield only” is so that nobody calls the number listed wanting to do this in Pueblo or Grand Junction. Anyway, it sounds like a lot of fun to me. Then again, I do have a button that says, “Cooking is great! It’s a wonderful excuse to play with knives and fire.”

At least, I used to have a button that said that … it appears to have gone astray, along with buttons that said, “Don’t just flirt, hit me with a clue-by-four” and “If the minimum weren’t good enough, it wouldn’t be the minimum.”

In any case, I won’t be doing this. I’ve already had plans set up for Father’s Day, and asking to add this would be a little over the top.

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