Could be worse

I finally had my orthopedic consultation this afternoon – for the most part, I figured the pains I’ve got as a result of my bicycle accident would go away eventually, but I lost feeling in part of my thumb, which said “nerve damage” to me, so I wanted someone very competent to take a look at it.

In any case, I have damaged a nerve branch in my thumb, and it will either get better, or it won’t. If it doesn’t, there’s a test they can perform. The jammed finger on my left hand was confirmed as a jammed finger. My wrist is a lot better, but still painful from time to time if I use it a lot. I also injured a finger on my right hand, which didn’t become evident until some time after the accident. That one is a synovial cyst on the end knuckle of my index finger, which is swollen and painful. No treatment; apparently, they used to poke a hole at the location and drain it, but infections were very common when that was done.

My right shoulder turns out to be separated. Not very severely (a grade 2 AC separation), but I’ve now got a prescription for twice-a-week therapy sessions. Just what I need, when I’m behind schedule and on the critical path at work.

Ah, well. When they issued me this body, they neither authorized nor included a spare (other than the spare tire around the middle). I suppose I’d better try to keep it in good working order.

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