They say bad things come in threes

If so, then I’m caught up for the moment. I have two independent heating systems in my house: a regular gas furnace and a solar system. I’m home from work at the moment while a repairman works on the solar system. I was home for an afternoon last Thursday while a repairman fixed my furnace. Not what I was hoping to discover when we had our first overnight freezes about a week or so ago.

I wasn’t the only one to have such problems, of course. That’s why I had to wait this long to get appointments for the repairs. But, I’ll have working heat, which will be a load off my mind.

The third thing? I got sick of seeing the “This USB 2.0 peripheral can run faster” message, and put a USB 2.0 card into my desktop over the weekend. Normally, I leave the system on, because it’s occasionally been cranky about booting. It was particularly cranky after I put the card in, and this time it told me why. I have a hardware problem, and it told me I should consider replacing one of the following: the power supply, the RAM, the CPU, or the motherboard.

Maybe now is the time to consider getting a Mac.

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