A bad end to a good day

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Company picnic at the zoo, went to the Titanic artifacts exhibit at the museum, had a nice light dinner (tapas and beer at Tastes). Then, I packed up my laptop in preparation for working today, and didn’t notice the translucent cap from a thumb drive sitting on it before I closed the lid.

I now have about half of the display still working. I guess that means I start saving my pennies again. I suspect I’ll end up going for a Mac laptop – I replaced my WinXP desktop with an iMac some time ago, so it would be nice to be able use common software on both. I could pick up a copy of Parallels Desktop so that I could run the WinXP programs I require, but that’s for another day.

Today, I need to see how well the laptop runs with an external monitor. I know someone who’s been running a laptop with a totally dead display for a couple of years using an external monitor; I may not be in a real rush to replace mine yet.

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