So there I was …

Asleep in bed, as one normally is at 1am when one must work in the morning, when I was awoken by a clatter. Butch, my cat, had apparently decided it was time to find a toy. From the sound, she was obviously not chasing a whiffle golf ball around the floor; she’d knocked something off a table or shelf. It sounded small and non-breakable, so I decided to ignore it until the morning.

Then, at 4am, she started purring and kneading my neck. This is something she hasn’t done in years – I kept my bedroom door shut at all times for the last several years of Kiki’s (my other cat) life, because she had ruined the bedspread by using it as a litter box, among other things. When I replaced it, I banished the cats to prevent Kiki from ruining that one.

I was surprised that Butch came into the bedroom. She really hadn’t done it at night since I started keeping the door open again – I presumed the noise of my CPAP running was keeping her out. Be that as it may, she wandered out after working on my neck a while.

She came back in at 6am. So I got up and fed her, then went to the bathroom and discovered that the toy she found at 1am was my toothbrush. Now, I’m dressed and presumably ready for work, but I haven’t had a good night’s sleep, my eyes are burning, my mouth tastes foul, and I’ve got dance classes from 8 to 10 tonight that I’m not certain I’ll be awake for. I’ll pick up a new toothbrush on the way to work. I hadn’t planned on needing a new one for a few weeks.

Anybody want a cat?

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