Phone troubles

First, I got a spam text message on my cellphone, advertising a Texas Hold’em poker website. It had a corporate email address in the “from” field, which I presumed was spoofed. I certainly hope I don’t have to deal with more of those, but I’m afraid it’s a harbinger of things to come.

Then, I looked at the phone’s display a few minutes later, and saw that I’d missed a call from my daughter. The phone hadn’t rung to let me know, which is something that happens from time to time. Given that she was going to call me today concerning getting together for dinner, I figured I’d best call her back immediately.

She hadn’t called. Why the phone told me she had, I have no idea. The phone log doesn’t have any entries for today. If it’s going to start lying to me, maybe I need a new phone. Of course, if she’d been about to call me, I could claim that it’s a psychic phone, and I wouldn’t need another one. The problem is, a psychic phone could send out text messages in my name before I get around to it, and who’d know the difference?

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