So many books, so little time

I just found out that the Denver Public Library book sale is this weekend, and I’ve got guests coming in tomorrow, which will probably preclude my attendance. Maybe they’ll want to join me there Sunday afternoon.

Then again, it’s not like I have room for all of my current books, anyway. Speaking of books, Readerware is an application I’m coming to like. You use a barcode scanner to get the ISBN or LOC catalog number, then it looks up all of the book’s information online (including cover scans, if they’re available). It supports multiple databases, so besides a database of the books I own, I’ve started one for books I’ve checked out from the library, so I can keep track of them.

I bought the bundle so I could get a free barcode scanner, but most of my books predate bar coding. For many of them, the sites the app uses (Amazon, etc.) don’t have any information, so I’m still ending up adding all the information manually. Overall, it’s still a big timesaver, though, and I didn’t have to design a database from scratch, either.

I’m doing the same thing with my DVDs with the A/V catalog program, but I haven’t used the audio catalog program with my CDs yet – I moved them into boxes in the garage after ripping them into iTunes. That’ll come later.

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