I don’t often do political posts, but …

… things that have been bothering me have been piling up:

What’s Obama’s political connection to Kenya and Raila Odinga?

Were you aware that besides being the most liberal member of the Senate, Obama originally reached office in Illinois as a socialist? That makes sense, given his answer to Joe the Plumber. Most people whose comments I’ve seen key on the “spread the wealth” portion of the answer, which definitely shows a socialist viewpoint, but the more telling portion, to me, is the first part, “I don’t want to punish your success, but …” Phrased in that manner, it means to me that Barack Obama recognizes and acknowledges that he is, indeed, planning to punish success.

And the incomparable Bill Whittle talks about Obama’s statement in the second debate that he believes that health care is a right (I’ve linked to Bill’s site, rather than directly to the video – he has many other things worth your time).

By the way, Joe the Plumber (the real one, not the archetype) is now the subject of attacks from Obama supporters. There’s a good roundup of this at Instapundit. And he’s not the only one running afoul of Obama supporters.

Vote fraud is a significant problem in this election. And Democrats in office are doing their part to abet the fraud, even to the extent of appealing to the Supreme Court to be allowed to continue to compromise the election.

I’ll let a lawyer speak to the validity of the recent ethics charges against Sarah Palin.

That’s probably more than enough for now. I know I’ve worked off my irritation to the point that I’m not going to look up any more things to add at this time. And I haven’t even started on Obama’s campaign finance shenanigans!

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