So, about that dinner

Some time ago, I mentioned that I’d eaten guinea pig while in Ecuador. Here’s the photo I mentioned. Note that you can not only see the paws, but, if you look closely at the piece on the left, you can make out the ears.

Guinea Pig Dinner

Basically, it was sectioned and deep-fried. The meat was tasty enough (what there was of it), but the skin caused problems – it was thicker than I expected, and tough. Some days later, one of our tour guides said that grilled guinea pig was much better than fried. Ah, well.

There are several things that seemed to normally accompany meals. Popcorn is tossed into soup the way crackers would be here. The roasted corn was quite good to snack on, as were the fried banana chips. They weren’t as sweet as the ones I get here, but they were still good. Probably a different kind of banana – we saw several types being sold in the markets.

Ecuador Condiments

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