I am woman, hear me … squeak?

The feminist establishment has long been waging a war against men (after all, you have to work against an oppressor to become liberated, so men must oppressors if women need liberation), but it has now become absurd: Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred note the University of Connecticut police investigating an incident in which a man passed near a woman while walking down the street.

First of all, they were both walking on a public street. He passed within a few feet of her, but did not talk to her or make physical contact. What about the incident merits a police report? How does this woman expect to function if mere proximity to a male makes her call for the authorities?

Second, why wasn’t she laughed off by the authorities? He didn’t attack her, he didn’t follow her, he was just another pedestrian on the street. I’ve read about Driving While Black; this is Walking While Male, or maybe just Being Male.

She may have been afraid, but it sure doesn’t sound like he did anything illegal.

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