I’m not talking about anything serious here, it’s just an overarching theme for the post. As usual, click any picture for a larger version.

First, we have my car. Last Thursday morning, I went out to brush the snow off and found that someone had abused it like this:

Bashed Car

I have my suspicions about how it happened, but no proof. As it happens, there’s a soap opera occurring between the neighbor whom I suspect was the culprit (and who came to my door Monday at lunch to say, “I saw the damage on your car. I can fix that for you cheap.”) and the people who are renting the house to them. Well … not to them, actually, which is part of the soap opera, but I’m not going to get into that any further.

Second, we have what I suspect is a practical joke. At least, I hope someone is abusing the EZ Mart. Maybe Peter is abusing the EZ Mart, or perhaps he’s being abused, as well. The alternatives are that it’s a real promotion (which means somebody involved with it is stupid), or that it’s a coded message. Look at the advertisement in the center column that ends just above the purple area to its left.


Next, we have self-abuse, of a different and creepy sort.

I’m not sure who’s being abused here, but I’m sure somebody’s gotta be.

Finally, we have food abuse, or abusive food, or a food fight – or maybe it’s just a typo:


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