Pleasure and pain

I went to see the new Bond movie, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Good action, and I liked the characters. One of the things I really liked was that the humorous remarks weren’t played up, and the rampant silliness of the Roger Moore years was noticeably absent. I also was quite taken with the opening credits – it’s nice that they got away from the “floating silhouettes of scantily-clad women” look. Not that I mind looking at scantily-clad women, you understand, it’s just that the look of the opening credit sequence was a well-done and welcome change.

This morning, though, I was flipping through the DirecTV channel guide, and noticed a special “Christmas music” channel. Since it’s after Thanksgiving, I’m willing to listen to Christmas music now. However, the song playing when I selected the channel was Macarena Christmas by Los Del Rio, and it was followed by some rap thing.


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