Because freedom and liberty are so passé

Kim Hastreiter of the magazine PAPER asked 15 visual communicators (didn’t they used to be called graphic designers?) to come up with an advertisement rebranding the United States. I’m not at all pleased with most of them. A rebranding campaign normally promotes a new image for an existing “product.” Most of these are more along the lines of “NEW! DIFFERENT! Not what we used to be!”

These two images seem most egregious in their anti-US sentiment:


No more US

“Sorry” fits right in line with what Obama has been offering to the world. “No more US & them” doesn’t really work for two reasons: first, Obama’s overtures haven’t been reciprocated. NATO, Russia, and others have heard him out and said, effectively, “Yeah, whatever.” It takes two to make a relationship, but only one to break it. Second, having the only color in the image be the flag background of “US” makes a blatant stopping point at “”No more US.”

George Lois believes that The One is the cure for what ails America:

Nasty to Inspirational

Alex Bogusky’s entry can at least be considered ambiguously – the concept of Che being inspired by Obama is positive if you’re inspired by Che, and negative if you’re not:

T-shirt: Obama / Che

The one I find most positive is this one, from Dan Weiden of Weiden + Kennedy:


Found at Adfreak.

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