I enjoyed that

Yesterday, that is. A relaxing morning, followed by Navy taking the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy again with a win over Army.

My daughter came along with me, and we joined the local Annapolis and West Point alumni chapters for the game. To my surprise and delight, not only was one of my classmates there, but he was someone I’d actually known (you really can’t know everyone in a class of 736). We hadn’t seen each other since graduation, so we spent some time catching up and reminiscing. Cheryl got to hear several stories she hadn’t heard before (mostly about activities at the 1973 Army-Navy game, as I recall).

In any case, we exchanged contact information, and I’ll try to keep in touch with him – I’m not in touch with too many of my classmates, and I regret that.

In the evening, Marion and I had dinner with a couple of her friends – they’re retired professors who are co-authors of what is, apparently, one of the texts in their field. Nice people.

As I said, a good day. Would that they were all such.

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