Mucho miscellany

Slow day so far. This expresses my feelings about it:

Today is under construction

I’ve heard of saving yourself for marriage, but this is ridiculous.

Bohemian Rhapsody has never been a real favorite of mine, but there’s something about this performance

Two music reference sites.

Two resource sites for learning foreign languages.

How effective has the stimulus been? Not at all. Why? Because there’s been no stimulation yet. Looking at the graph at the first link, it’s obvious that we have two choices:

1. We can believe that the Obama administration has absolutely no idea how an economy works.

2. We can believe that the Obama administration (and the media) have been lying their asses off about the economy.

Personally, I’d try to get a look at the seat of their pants, but I’m not ruling out #1, either – they’re not mutually-exclusive options.

Apropos of that, two sites for freelance work (one general, one specifically software). From what I’ve seen over the years, a lot of people expect really cheap work out of freelancers. For example, one job offer I noted at is to develop a multiplayer poker game for between $500 and $1000. I can’t link it directly, because I haven’t signed up for a membership yet. Not to mention that I’d expect project links like this to have a short “shelf life.” I don’t expect them to get too many responses – you might get such a game for that price if it’s already been developed, but I wouldn’t expect exclusive rights.

Yesterday’s breakfast bonus (See also: Buy 2, Get 1):


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