Miscellaneous news from Blighty

Postmen have it tough, at times. In particular, when someone owns a vicious animal and doesn’t keep it under control. However, since the animal in question here is a six-month-old kitten, I suspect that there’s something else going on. Note that one of the photos shows the delivery slot through which the hand was mauled.

Technology Saves The Day I: Girl is struck by lightning, but her iPod earbud wires direct it away from her vital organs. I’m impressed by her boyfriend, Mason, who carried her to help though he himself was blinded by the strike.

Technology Saves The Day II: Google Streetview finds muggers.

Technology Saves The … Oooh, look at the pretty pictures! The Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis from space.

If you’re thinking of buying a how-to book as a Father’s Day gift, don’t get this one.

Would you rather have killer bees or killer mosquitoes?

I wouldn’t have thought you could fall asleep while being tattooed. Pass out, maybe, but not doze off. Be that as it may, we have here a cautionary tale. Given today’s penchant for body modification, the following phrase from my copy of the Arabian Nights seems appropriate: “If my story were to be graven in the corner of the eye, it would be a warning to those who would be warned.”

And, speaking of cautionary tales, I’d recommend that this young lady get herself tested (presuming that such is available on the National Health plan). Although, it would have been humorous had the groom been hired for the bachelorette party. The Other McCain has a different take on this story.

Finally, there has been much talk over the years about the dumbing-down of education. I’ve even mentioned spelling reform in passing in an earlier post. However, it’s never had official government sanction before, to my knowledge. I do not expect this to end well.

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