Remember the Little Red Book?

Also known as Quotations from Chairman Mao? Back in the 60s, it seemed as though you could hardly go anywhere without running into someone who had one, or hearing someone make a reference to it.

I have a copy that I picked up at a garage sale some years ago, still in quite good shape, actually. Well, for those of you who are nostalgic for that sort of thing, but don’t want to outsource your rhetoric, we now have the Little Blue Book, Daily Readings from the thoughts of Chairman, excuse me, from the speeches and writings of President Obama.

The publisher no longer lists it on their website, but it’s still listed at Amazon (which claims it’s in-stock at the time of this post), although the product description there does not include the following sentence, which apparently was in the publisher’s original listing, according to the site where I found out about it:

“It is an unofficial requirement for every citizen to own, to read, and to carry this book at all times.”

That sounds ominous. Will there be a test?

I wonder if it’s no longer available from the publisher because Obama’s popularity has gone down for some reason?

Obama popularity 9/27/09

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