Did you miss me?

I’m back from a week at Yellowstone. Got a few hundred photos to sort through, including a bunch of wildlife photos. I’ve got a couple of a coyote trotting across the outflow of the Grand Prismatic Spring that I think are pretty good. We saw a lot of wildlife: hawks, eagles, cranes, bison, elk, pika, marmot, mountain goat, and so on.

Anyway, I have links, some that have been hanging around since before we left, so I’m just going to cram them all in here.

These people make a musical instrument I want. It looks pretty easy to use, and more versatile than shown in this video. It’s apparently not available yet, though. As an aside, the Gundam statue in the background was used as the site of a Gundam-themed wedding.

The Guitar Guy has a lot of chords and lyrics available.

I love this photo. The vacuum cleaner just adds the undefinable “touch” to the scene. I’d love to know more about what happened.

I fixed this dish before the trip. It goes onto the list of keepers.

Prior to the trip, one of the local groceries had corn on sale, ten ears per dollar. I’ve got a bunch hung up in the basement drying as the first step in this recipe.

Madison, WI, is now on my list of places that might be worth visiting.

I wonder if the kid will get his sword back? I suspect the local burglars may try to avoid him in future, though. Presuming, of course, that they’re smart enough, aware enough, and not strung out at the time.

I’ll have to watch some of these lectures; I’ve always been interested in learning to program in LISP.

Norman Borlaug
has died. Shannon Love has a nice post about him.

Speaking of Shannon Love, I like her take on the ACORN child prostitution mess.

That’s all for now.

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