Snow day 2

Yesterday’s post with this title disappeared; I don’t know where. I ended up with 20-26″ of snow in my front yard. I had shoveled my walk when I arrived home Wednesday afternoon, and you couldn’t tell that anything had been done by the time I got up yesterday.

After shoveling the walk, I broke out the X-C skis and wandered around for a while. Learned a couple things about urban Nordic skiing in the process. First, even if your skis are a “back country” model, two feet of soft snow isn’t the easiest thing to get around in. Second, while the packed tracks where vehicles have passed are similar to groomed paths, the fact that the road is cambered makes your feet want to slide out from under you to the side. Apart from that, it was pretty enjoyable, and I found tracks from others who had gone around the lake in the local park before me.

When I came back from that, I dug out my car. I went in to work for a little while this morning, but the office wasn’t officially open – too many people were snowed in, and, if we’d made arrangements to have the lot plowed, it hadn’t happened. I had to park across the street at a 4WD aftermarket parts store. Not much trouble getting around, though, apart from getting stuck for a few minutes because I was a nice guy and backed up to let someone by. It’s a good thing I have a snow shovel, kitty litter, and a manual transmission in my car.

I may post some pictures if I can find the cable for my camera – I have a tendency to mislay such things.

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