Helping out

I did a little volunteering for Project Cure yesterday. I doubt I’ll do much for them on an ongoing basis – they’re located in Centennial, at the south end of the metro area, and I live up at the north end.

Normally, they collect medical supplies to be sent overseas. However, they’re not allowed to send out supplies for human use if they have less than a year before their expiration data. As a result, I hauled a carload of assorted IV fluids to the Humane Society facility in Greeley. They were glad to get them, although they weren’t certain where they’d put them all. Things at the Humane Society were complicated by the fact that they were holding both an adopt-a-thon and a dog vaccination clinic at the time. We did manage to get everything unloaded and stored, though, and I got to see a number of cute puppies and kittens in the process.

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