In the news

While I’ll admit I’m in need of work, and I used to work as a babysitter while I was in high school, I doubt that it would ever have occurred to me to drug the child I was watching and rent it to a beggar. Of course, with the Democrat’s economy going the way it is, that may become a viable option in future.

I’m surprised that this sort of thing doesn’t seem to happen more often. “Of course our suspicions fall on the driver,” prosecutor Xavier Richaud told the private iTele television channel. No, really? Just because he and the money disappeared, and his bank accounts had been closed, is that a reason to suspect him?

Perhaps we should take this news story as an aspiration, rather than a cautionary tale. I think ratings would improve for beauty pageants if we had the contestants fight each other … perhaps in jello pits.

Bad news for those of us who like to stay up later than we ought. Unfortunately for me, I can’t normally sleep eight hours at a stretch – five or six is more usual. Naps are certainly an option, though – until I find a job, anyway.

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