Today’s AGW post

Just a couple of links. First, the hockey stick graph was discredited a few years ago. Even if you consider it valid, however, try examining it in longer-term historical context.

Second, the East Anglia CRU records showed an increasing temperature trend for Antarctica. I wonder how that happened. Comments #13 and #26 in the thread are also interesting.

Third, the East Anglia CRU has problems – data that has been online for years is no longer available on their site. They’re either doing a clumsy attempt to cover things up, or their IT department is staffed by incompetents. Or both.

Fourth, the British Met (Meteorology) Office has a long list of scientists who still believe in AGW, and don’t think the current situation detracts from its validity. Bishop Hill found it interesting to note several prominent climate scientists who aren’t signatories.

Fifth, we have one response to awkward questions about the situation – call the guards to prevent more of them being asked:

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