Ignorance shouldn’t be a verb

It shouldn’t be a position or a strategy, either.

I recorded the SOTU last night, because I wasn’t home to watch it live. I tried, I really did, but I just couldn’t watch all the way to the end. I left the room before it was over, telling Marion that it was all lies and misrepresentations, and I couldn’t handle it any more. Gerard highlights a comment here that expresses my opinion pretty succinctly. I won’t be going to Mass about it, though … I’m not Catholic.

Our current President is actively ignoring reality in favor of continuing with his chosen agenda.

  • Not-so-subtle digs at global warming – excuse me, climate change denialists, ignoring the damning CRU data dump and other recent revelations.
  • Saying “we’re so close” to passing the Senate healthcare bill that we have to continue, ignoring the fact that a Republican won “Ted Kennedy’s seat” by promising to oppose it.
  • Talking about continuing earmark reform, ignoring the 9000-odd earmarks in the stimulus bill.
  • Complaining that the recent Supreme Court decision will allow foreign corporations access to our political process, ignoring the fact that on his campaign website, the default, standard checks had been deliberately disabled, thus allowing effectively anonymous donations to his campaign from around the world.
  • Calling for bipartisanship when the Democrats have shown that their idea of bipartisanship is that Republicans should vote for bills into which they’ve had no input.

And I would have been absolutely horrified, if I thought he had any idea about how things operate in the real world, when he said that because of our current budget woes, he was going to freeze portions of the federal budget next year, because “that’s how budgets work.”

Really? So, if I’m in debt now, with lots more money going out than is coming in, I should keep spending at my current levels this year, and next year, I keep my spending on movie rentals and lawn service at this year’s levels? That’s how budgets work? I don’t think so.

There are other things I could mention (cap & trade, energy, proposing budget cuts that will, over the next ten years, save about one month’s worth of our current budget deficits, and so on), but I have better things to do. This isn’t a website people come to for news and political commentary. I’m actually not sure how many people ever come here, to be truthful – I don’t track visitors.

The bottom line is that we have an arrogant and supercilious fool in the office of the President, and he’s lying through his teeth to us in order to enact changes that he knows the American people don’t want, and I’m sick of him.

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