Never Forget

Half-mast flag and burning Trade Center

I was at work when the news came about the WTC being hit by an airplane. When it became obvious that it was a major story, I went home and brought back a small TV, which we watched most of the day. I still remember the images I saw – smoke, flames, people jumping to their deaths, the towers coming down, dust-covered people running and walking away from the scene. I also remember Muslims dancing in the street in celebration. It took me four days to verify that my father had not been in the Pentagon when it was hit, and I thought of those celebrations a lot.

Now we have imam Rauf threatening violence if his victory mosque isn’t built at his proposed site. A few things have become obvious in the last nine years:

There are no moderate Muslims, in the respect that there is no effective Islamic voice opposing the radicals and terrorists. There are a few individuals here and there who denounce the violence, most of whom are under threat of death because of it, but the “Muslim street” acquiesces to or celebrates the vicious acts.

Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of conflict and oppression. How many acts of terrorist and sectarian violence and armed conflicts in the world do not involve Muslims, and how often are they not the aggressors?

Islam demands supremacy over other religions. The very word “Islam” means “submission.” It demands respect it does not give to others, and the political left is cooperating with it. There is currently a flap over a threat to burn some Korans. Consider that Bibles are not allowed into Saudi Arabia, even for personal use, and the US military has burned Bibles that were sent to US troops in Afghanistan. Compare that with “Piss Christ” and “elephant dung Mary” and the left’s reaction to Christian complaints of disrespect.

Sharia courts have been implemented in Europe and Canada, and Muslims are trying to get them here. In Milwaukee, Muslim taxi drivers refused to carry people with dogs or alcohol, until they were told they’d lose their licenses. They do what they want, and don’t back down unless forced.

Islam is more-or-less a totalitarian political ideology masquerading as a religion. It divides the world into Dar Al’ Islam (the House of Islam) and Dar Al’ Harb (the House of War). As such, Islam itself is largely incompatible with Western Civilization. People keep saying that we’re not at war with Islam, but they won’t admit that Islam is at war with us.

If we don’t start to protect our civilization and our society, it could get very bad.

Never forget what happened. Never forget who did it. Never forget that it wasn’t their first attempt. Never believe that it won’t be their last.

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