Too much of a good thing

Wireless networking is good. Wireless networking is convenient. When you have around a dozen-and-a-half wireless networks in close proximity, it becomes harder to connect. That’s my situation at home these days. I was fine until about a week ago; I guess whoever started up a new home wireless network was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I’ve moved my wireless to a different channel to try to avoid some of the interference, and it only helps a little. The Wi-Fi Analyzer on my Droid says I should switch to channel 13 or 14. Unfortunately, my wireless router/DSL modem can’t use any channel higher than 11, which is overpopulated locally.

C’est la vie. It looks like my best method of operation at the moment is to log in from my laptop from within the same room upstairs as the router, following which I can maintain access in the living room downstairs. I can’t log in from downstairs, though, or I wouldn’t be complaining.

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