There are definitely reasons

One website I go to classifies some posts under a category named something like, “Reasons we aren’t nearly afraid enough of the Japanese.” I think this would fall into that category. There is a type of performer in Japan called the idol singer. There have been idols who were “merely” popular performers, idols who were corporate image representatives, and so on. They’re a long-lived enough cultural phenomenon that they’ve been reasonably common in anime, as well, with one character whose singing was sufficient to stop an interstellar war.

Now, they’re not even required to be real people for live performances in the real world.

One has to wonder what the people in the audience actually saw – is the technology advanced enough for them to see what we can see in the video, or was this done in postprocessing? But don’t worry about where they can possibly go from here – they went there about a year ago.

Video found at Snapped Shot.

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