It’s all adding up

My car has been giving me a few problems lately. About a week ago, I had some errands to run at lunch. When I tried to start the engine, it ground for several seconds without starting. Releasing the key and trying again produced an immediate “catch.” However, the engine light came on, and the car had no acceleration. Instead of running my errands, I drove it to my mechanic. The starter coil assembly needed replacement. Just under $800 later, I had my car back.

Less than five miles later, the engine light came on again. I went in to the mechanic the next morning to have the codes read and reset. Catalytic converter and rear 02 sensors. I left with the admonition to bring it in if the light came on again. Five miles later, it did. So, I brought the car back. About $250 later, I had a new rear O2 sensor.

About 30-40 miles later, the engine light came on again. My next visit showed that the catalytic converter needs replacement. I’m taking it in again next week, and expect to get my car back in another $600-$900.

Bleah. Oh, well. My father’s rule of thumb for when it was time to buy a new car hasn’t been met yet (continuing repair bills equivalent to a car payment), so I’m not happy, but I’m not particularly worried yet.

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