This story has legs

Well, one, at least.

I went in yesterday morning to have my cast removed and X-rays taken to evaluate how it’s healing. The break is healing, but not as quickly as hoped. What looks to be the big problem is that my foot is out of position within the ankle joint – it’s positioned too far to the outside, leaving a gap next to the tibia.

What this means is that I’m more likely to come down with arthritis in the joint at some indeterminate time in the future. There’s still a lot of bruising evident on the foot, and Dr. Shannon’s concern is that the ligaments on the inside of the foot may not be healing quickly enough, which could leave me with the dreaded “floppy ankle” if the ligaments lag too far behind the bone in healing.

In any case, I’ve got another cast on, and go back for my next scheduled evaluation in a month.

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