An expensive paperweight

My Motorola Droid cellphone died yesterday. I’d been having occasional problems with it. Sometimes, I’d lose web access, and I’d have to cycle the phone’s power to get it to work again. Yesterday, when I turned the phone off, it wouldn’t turn back on again.

The situation falls into the cracks, because my warranty ran out in January, and the insurance only covers loss or damage, not problems with the phone itself. I’m not eligible for a reduced price upgrade until September, and it would cost me $290 to replace my phone with the same model of refurbished Droid. Since I’m so close to an upgrade, I’m going back to a previous phone.

The last phone I used was a Blackberry Pearl, but I gave that to my daughter when her phone died some time ago. I do still have the phone I had before that, which is a Samsung flip phone. This means it’s a bit over five years old. However, it still works and the batteries seem to hold a charge, so I’ll be using it. No email or web, though, but I’ll save the cost of the data plan until I get a new smartphone.

Since a refurbished Droid costs so much, I’m wondering if I can find a refurbisher to sell mine to, so that it’s not a total loss for me.

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