Hell, no! I’m not going to forget. I was at work when I heard the news. I thought the first plane hitting was a tragic accident, but when the second plane hit, I knew that it was an act of war, and told my coworkers that. I went home, and brought back a small television, which we kept returning to the rest of the day.

I remember seeing the footage of Muslims (Palestinians, IIRC) passing out candy to children and dancing in the streets in celebration. I remember not being able to contact my father, who, although retired, still went to the Pentagon daily, until four days later.

Sarah Hoyt remembers, too.

It’s possible that the president remembers, but it apparently doesn’t have the same meaning for him. Decorum seems to be an area that some Democrats need to work on, also.

This isn’t directly related to 9/11, but it’s another indication of the respect that the Democrats have for the military, and would be the sort of story that the media would beat to death had it been the Republicans who had done it.

Remember the events of the day, the fallen and the heroes. Respect them, and resolve to learn from them.

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