Everything ends

It was my birthday yesterday, and Marion and I thought we’d go dancing. The studio we dance at has Saturday evening dances, but they’re not held every week, so I pulled up their web page to make sure they had a dance.

Imagine our surprise to see the following notice:

August 31 – Our last Open Dance!! Join us for a send-off party for Steve & Linda and the studio staff!! The teachers and staff will all be here for the evening to dance and visit! Light snacks, good music and several exhibitions will make a fun evening of social dancing! Also, get the latest news on where your favorite instructors will be teaching!

Thanks to all our friends for all the support and warm wishes! Hope to see you soon!

It turns out that Steve, the owner of the studio, is closing it for reasons of health, and because he got a “too good to pass up” offer for the building. The new owner is going to put in a high-end restaurant and a few shops. Part of the gentrification process that’s been going on in the neighborhood for quite some time. I lived in the neighborhood for more than a decade until about five years ago, so I saw a lot of the recent changes. The loss of the dance floor will hurt, though – it’s about the largest dance floor in town (over 5000 square feet).

We went to the dance, which was nice. We saw and talked with a number of people we hadn’t seen in a long time, but because it was so crowded, the dancing wasn’t as fun. We wouldn’t have wanted to miss it, though.

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