I haven’t quit blogging …

… it’s just that I’m lazy.

I saw that quote somewhere today, although I don’t remember where. It fits, though. Time to clear some tabs. These are pretty much just some of the tabs I have open, and not the links I’ve accumulated over the last month or so.

A contest to win a Martin guitar.

Some free SF. And some more.

Not always safe for work (depending on your workplace), but an interesting site.

A collection of historical software.

Interesting fact: More whites were killed by blacks in 8 years than blacks were lynched during the 84 years in which lynchings occurred. And don’t forget that a lot of whites were lynched then, also.

A marvelous video of one of Woody Allen’s standup stories.

How to opt out of data tracking on your most-used sites.

UsVsTh3m is a British site that has some fun things. Here’s a link to a list of some of their fun posts.

This looks like a cool tool for guitarists.

Need or want a home distillery? Check here.

Fifty hacks that will make your life easier (for certain values of “will” and “easier”).

Want to get into shape? Try the scientific 7-minute workout.

Every time you make a typo

I haven’t spent any time on this site yet, but it looks interesting.

I’m going to have to spend some time here – I can always do with finding improvements in notetaking and productivity.

Ethanol is not something that should be going into fuel.

My state senator has resigned rather than lose her seat to recall. One of my acquaintances/casual friends was involved in the recall, and has some blogging about what happened on his site. Personally, I didn’t see any of these tactics, but I saw a number of protests at the sites of the petition drive, and I don’t doubt that they occurred.

Which are the best- and worst-run states?

How to choose the perfect board game.

Need some ideas for Christmas presents? Check out Dave Barry’s Gift Guide.

If you’ve never seen the classic WKRP turkey drop, it’s something you need to watch.

This cat has it in for someone.

This is an Advent calendar I can appreciate.

What if buying coffee were like buying health insurance under Obamacare?

What happens in Room 101
? Read the linked article, also; Francis is very good.

This is a good quiz on current news. I’ve taken it a few times. This time, the only question I missed was the one about the graph of the Dow.

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