Some things are not meant to be seen

Where I work, we’re planning a small Christmas celebration. The company is small enough, and business is tough enough, that we’re not going out to a restaurant for dinner. We are planning, however, to bring in lunch from a local restaurant.

We have a number of restaurant menus available, but the boss wanted to make certain that we had an up-to-date one from the local restaurant we’d decided to use.

Unfortunately, our ISP’s content filter prevented us from accessing the restaurant’s website. The reason given was “Forbidden category: Alcohol/Tobacco.” Really? You can get a drink with a meal? What horror!

Whose decision was this? We have to be prevented from finding out anything about the restaurant because they have a liquor license? I suppose next year I’ll see “Forbidden category: Serving size/Transfat.” Or “Forbidden category: Drink refills.” The way things are going, it may not be long before I’ll see “Forbidden category: Politically incorrect.”

Fortunately, there was a workaround. I downloaded the menu to my cellphone, then sent it as an email attachment to my work email address, from which I could print it. There was a minor glitch there, as the only two menu choices my phone gives me for attachments are “Attach Picture” and “Attach Video.” Fortunately (again), selecting “Attach Picture” gives me the option of attaching any file.

I’ve submitted a request to recategorize the website on the grounds that the current categorization is ridiculous. We’ll see (in about a week) if it has any effect.

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