Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, BANG!

Last Monday (the 23rd), I replaced my desktop with an iMac – it had locked up about four times in the preceding week. I invited my daughter along on the trip to pick the iMac up, because I figured that she’d enjoy the trip. She did, partly because I indulged her request to look for the boxed set of season one of the new Dr. Who series. Apparently, she has a crush on the Doctor.

Well, Tower Records by Cherry Creek Mall is going out of business, so she got it at a discount, and was so excited that she was “blushing so hard it hurts.” (She’ll be embarrassed that I’ve quoted her on this, but it’s part of the job requirements for parents.)

A few days later, she asked, “Did I tell you the universe hates me?”

I got the explanation from her, and you have to know some of the backstory of Dr. Who to understand. Basically, the Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. One of his capabilities is to regenerate into a new body and new personality when near death (conveniently allowing replacement of the lead actor). She had done a marathon session to view the entire boxed set, and, unfortunately, the Doctor on whom she is crushing is not the one featured in season one; he appears at the end of the last episode and has exactly one line of dialog. Season two is not yet available on DVD.

Ah, well. Points to anyone who can identify where the post title comes from (you’re disqualified, Paul).

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