Now, where to hang them?

MileHiCon 38 was this past weekend. I spent too much at the art show, but I got a few very nice pieces. They’re by an artist named David Fisher. I was unable to find him in a web search, although I found a few other artists by that name.

I got three originals of his (not prints). Two I got on bids, one by purchase. The way the art show works is this: each piece has a bid sheet attached, marked with a minimum bid price and a quick sale price (or NFS, not for sale, if the artist wants to keep it). One or two bids by the close of the show, and the high bidder gets it. Three bids, and it goes to voice auction. If the first bidder goes for the quick sale price, no other bids are accepted.

As I said, I bought one at the quick sale price. I did it Friday evening about half an hour after the art show opened – I didn’t want to chance being outbid for it. It’s a marvelous pen-and-ink drawing called The Syndicate. There’s a city skyline in the background. In the foreground, there’s the boss in the center, being clung to by two slinky beauties. There’s a tall goon in wifebeater t-shirt, hat, and trenchcoat, a fat cook, someone with an enormous grin and a striped shirt, and the whole grouping flanked on each end by a gunman with flowing trenchcoat and fedora. Just absolutely marvelous.

Another one, Splinter in the Wind, is effectively a multi-panel comic of a vaguely-human ninja thing leaping from a cliff to attack a dragon. I outbid someone for that one.

For the third, Shodoku and Shodoka, I was the only bidder. It shows two of the vaguely-human ninja things, who appear to be searching for something from a high vantage point with purplish evening light behind them. When my daughter saw that one, she said that if she’d made it to the convention in time, she’d have tried to outbid me for it.

I guess I’ll have to contact the convention art show staff (luckily, I know them) to track Mr. Fisher down – I’d like the option of acquiring more of his work in future.

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