What a difference a day makes

Yesterday, I got sunburned while running a garage sale. Today, I have an inch and a half of snow on my lawn, and no sign that it’s going to stop anytime soon. It’s 32 outside at the moment (11:30am), heading for a projected high of 35. According to the DJ on the station I’m listening to, it was still 65 at 4am.

I’m glad I ran the sale yesterday. Got rid of some stuff, but, unfortunately, very little of the bulky stuff. Several men stopped by before the official opening time to ask if I had any jewelry or military memorabilia. They were disappointed.

Got rid of some LPs – I had one box out for the sale, marked at $1/LP. There was one older couple that was amusing to watch. The wife stayed in the pickup. The husband would search through the box, periodically calling out the name of the artist and holding up the album. She’d either wave him over or wave him off. After she’d looked at an album, he’d either put it back in the box, or come over to me with a dollar, then go back to looking through the box again. This happened about half-a-dozen times.

I was sitting in a chair, playing a uke most of the day to keep occupied while nobody was there. I don’t remember how many times people asked how much I wanted for the uke. Two asked me if I had any other instruments. The only one I had out for the sale was a kazoo, but they didn’t want it.

Got everything put away afterward. I had to re-organize the garage – Marion brought down a computer desk she doesn’t want anymore, and I had to make room for it. Maybe I’ll get my garage emptied out enough that I can get the car in again someday.

2 Responses to “What a difference a day makes”

  1. jed says:

    You’re selling LPs for a buck? Dude. What’s your address? (He asked, knowing full well that there’s absolutely no place in the apartment where another box of anything will go.)

  2. wheels says:

    Don’t I know it! I have another four boxes of LPs in the crawlspace, along with most of my books. Not to mention the boxes of books in the garage. I’ve got one box filled with nothing but Japanese-language manga, and another box (or is that two?) with old SF magazines from the 1950s through the 1970s. I’d have to have a *much* larger house to bring them out and display them.

    I’ve always wanted a house with a library room, but I think that’s going to depend on something like a PowerBall win. Maybe I should buy a ticket now and then?