Tom Lehrer Annotated Lyrics.

I have a copy of the book, “Too Many Songs by Tom Lehrer,” but that doesn’t have the annotations. I also got to see a performance of the musical, “Tomfoolery” sometime in the 80s. That was a lot of fun – it was staged in a commercial greenhouse, so there wasn’t a lot of stage area. About the only clear memory I have of it is the performance of “Smut” by one of the female cast members, who was dressed in a very “little-girl” dress and carrying a teddy bear during the song. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

That reminds me … I need to get my Tom Lehrer CD back from my daughter.

3 Responses to “Tomfoolishness”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Heck dad, remember who you lend stuff to. Unless you’re talking about the copy you burned me, I haven’t borrowed any of your music cds.

  2. wheels says:

    Ah, I thought you had. So, that’s another misplaced item I’ve got to find.

  3. Bunk says:

    Tom Lehrer!? Hadn’t heard his name in decades. Could you burn me a CD, too?