So, there I was …

Almost lying on my back. I went to a party the Saturday before Christmas. The party was in Evergreen, and the hosts had a steep, ice-covered driveway. I got partway up it and my front wheels started slipping. I put on the emergency brake, downshifted into first, then let out the clutch while I put on the gas and released the emergency brake.

I slid backwards and into the ditch.


When we got to the door, I asked Joe if he knew a good towing company, because I’d put my car into the ditch. He thought I was joking with him, because when they moved in, their U-Haul had ended up in the same ditch. Luckily, we got a very competent tow-truck driver who pulled the car out safely and expeditiously. We commented on his competence, and he replied that they’d had about 70 calls for just this sort of thing in the prior four days.

We had a good time at the party, though. I’m glad we went, even if I’m embarrassed about what happened getting there.

One Response to “So, there I was …”

  1. andy says:

    Glad you and your car got out safely.

    Happy new year!