I should have known that Green …

… meant growing. Perhaps it’s time to go back to plastic?

2 Responses to “I should have known that Green …”

  1. jed says:

    I’m about to swear off going to Vitamin Cottage for just that reason. I did capture that article (and what sort of news site fails to provide a printable version anyway?) for the purpose of handing it to the cashier if I find myself in that store again. Probably wouldn’t hurt to mention to them that inconvenient policies such as that might drive some customers to order stuff online, thus incurring boxing and shipping “costs” to the environment as well.

    Amazing how people just can’t look beyond the superficial, and get at the real data. But that might shatter their carefully crafted worldview.

  2. wheels says:

    Yep. I have to admit that I hadn’t thought about the ramifications of using cloth bags. Then again, to some extent, it could be “what does not kill me makes me stronger.” I subscribe to the view that a little dirt is ok. Cross-contamination from others is a bit much, though.