Wednesday Weirdness

Jeff Atwood documents the slide into tastelessness exhibited by advertising for an online game. I remember seeing all of those ads, but I didn’t notice that they were all for the same game.

Can there be tasty tastelessness? That’s what human-flavored tofu would appear to be. What’s the market for that, anyway? Vegetarian zombies?

Does your cat go after the mice in your (home) office? Get a kitty inbox so you can get work done. After all, workplace safety is very important.

I’ve heard that smoking is a filthy habit that costs too much money, but twenty-three quadrillion dollars? I guess this is how the Democrats are planning to fund their new healthcare plan.

Conspiracy theorists ahoy! Because of the lack of documentation on President Obama’s background, an Army major fought deployment to Afghanistan on the basis that Obama was not legally the Commander-in-Chief. His orders have now been revoked, and his attorney, Orly Taitz, is claiming that because the Army hasn’t defended its position in court, it must be unable to defend it.

“Do you know what this means?” Taitz asked in a telephone interview with Tuesday, about an hour after hearing from Maj. Stefan Cook, the officer fighting his deployment to Afghanistan. “It means the Obama administration has blinked. They have no cards to play with. The moment I filed a lawsuit, they didn’t even fight!”

“Can you imagine what are the consequences? This is disastrous” for the administration, she said. “We’ll have no military. Because anytime any Soldier, any Sailor, any Airman does not want to follow any orders, all he has to do is call an attorney and say ‘I don’t want to follow this order because I question the legitimacy of the commander in chief.’ “

2 Responses to “Wednesday Weirdness”

  1. Bunk Strutts says:

    Wheels– Although I doubt that those pursuing the “Birth Certificate” have any chance of success, I applaud them for their efforts. IF it can be proven that Obama is indeed not legally qualified to be President by birth, then everything he has signed into law since his inauguration would by default be null and void.

    THAT by itself makes the hunt worth it.

  2. wheels says:

    True. I’m sure that there is something there, but I’m not sure exactly how significant it is. I had an American father and an English mother, and was born in England. Obama had a Kenyan father and an American mother. Although he claims a Hawaiian birth certificate, the original has never been released, and several of his family members claim he was born in Kenya.

    In order to attend the Naval Academy, I had to “renounce allegiance to all foreign princes,” if I remember the phrasing. I still have the certificate, but not close to hand. If I look at it, I may find out that I’m considered naturalized.

    The law at the time (and I’m not too much older than Obama) was that, if one of your parents was not American, you had dual citizenship with that parent’s country. It was complicated in my case because England would only have recognized my citizenship if I’d had an English father and a non-English mother.

    Obama’s is brought further into question by his travels in Pakistan (to which, at the time, US citizens weren’t allowed to travel) and his school attendance in Indonesia (which didn’t allow children who weren’t Indonesian to attend). I’m not investing much in the position that he can’t be POTUS because he isn’t qualified, but he certainly hasn’t verified that he is qualified to be POTUS.