More notes per song

Tonight, I’m going to see Steve Martin in concert, playing banjo with the Steep Canyon Rangers. It should be a good time – I’ve heard some of the songs already. Actually, I’ve heard earlier versions of the songs already; I have a copy of the LP, The Steve Martin Brothers. The post title comes from the liner notes:

Dear Banjo Music Customer:

Note for note, banjo music is the cheapest music available in America today. While the average rock song has 75 to 100 notes per song, banjo music can have a full 200 to 300 notes per song, not including fade-outs. So called “easy listenin'” records may be easy on the ears, but they’re sure hard on the pocketbook at an average of 50 notes per song. It’s ok to listen to free music on the radio, but my music dollar will be spent on banjo music every time.

See you at the movies!


Should be a fun evening. I’m certainly looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll see if I can get him to sign the LP.

One Response to “More notes per song”

  1. Bunk Strutts says:

    Martin’s “Ramblin'” is a classic bluegrass song, surpassing several other minor banjo hits.