Tunesday 3

I ran into this version of the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor over at Theo Spark (main site probably NSFW), and thought it was pretty fun. My daughter reacts to it like fingernails on blackboard, though.

I thought about finding other pieces performanced on glass harp, or perhaps on glass harmonium, to use as my theme for the day, but I decided to look for some other performances of the Toccata, instead. I thought about looking for a performance by Virgil Fox on the Royal Albert Hall pipe organ (my favorite performance), but decided to go instead for some less usual instruments as the theme.

I was glad to find a performance by the California Guitar Trio – I’ve got one of their CDs, which has a very nice performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

The next one I found was this version. There’s a lot of accordion music I don’t care for, but I do like some. Specifically, I have a fondness for French accordion music of the type I associate with sidewalk cafes. This isn’t that type of music, of course.

I’d never imagined a trombone quartet as a viable instrumental group, but this Costa Rican group does fairly well with the music.

And, finally, just for sheer off-the-wall splendor, here’s a visually impressive performance on Zeusaphone:

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